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Documentation included in the source tarball

The documentation is also available inside the source tarballs: If you have doxygen installed you will find the reference manual and tutorial under [WS4D-gSOAP installation directory]/share/doc/ws4d-gsoap/html in html format. If you have latex installed and enabale the PDF_DOCU configuration option the the reference manual and tutorial will be also generated in pdf format.

Stable Version (0.8.x)

Development Version (trunk)

Older Versions


Embedded System Support

Useful Tools

  • WS4D-gSOAP-Ubuntu-Appliance: Appliance to easily start development with wsd4d-gsoap.
  • DpwsExplorer: The DPWS Explorer is a GUI-based analyzing tool for DPWS devices, services and messages. The DPWS Explorer allows to view metadata information of discovered devices and services, to call actions of this services, see its responses, view the DPWS messages exchanged between the Explorer and other DPWS entities. You can download it  here.
  •  WSDL validator

Code Snipptes