Build Dependencies

To get started with WS4D-gSOAP you need the following software:

  •  CMake: the build system used to build WS4D-gSOAP
  • gSOAP: See Supported gSOAP Versions for more information. Don't install gSOAP but simply unpack the tarball to a directory. During installation of WS4D-gSOAP you have to pass this directory as GSOAP_PATH.
  • (optional)  Doxygen: to generate the documentation in html format
  • (optional) pdflatex: to generate the documentation in pdf format

Release Source Tarballs

Version 0.8 (latest)

Version 0.7

Development Versions

Anonymous read access to the project subversion repository under You will find the current development version under .

Reference Manual

The reference manual is generated by Doxygen when you install WS4D-gSOAP. You will find the documentation under [WS4D-gSOAP installation directory]/share/doc/ws4d-gsoap/html in html format. If you can't install or use Doxygen to generate the documentation you can download it here: