Setting up a configuration for ws4d-gsoap development

This is a description how to set up a ws4d-gsoap development environment on ubuntu linux

Installing dependencies

You should first install dependencies from InstallationUbuntuLinux#Installingdependencies.

Then you should install the following packages:

$ sudo apt-get install ccache git-svn

Checkout sources with git-svn

$ git svn clone -s
$ cd ws4d-gsoap
$ git svn show-ignore >> .git/info/exclude

This will create a directory called ws4d-gsoap with the full version history and all branches and tags.

Setup maintainer configuration

$ cd ws4d-gsoap
$ GSOAP_PATH="[absolute path to gSOAP]" scripts/

This will create Build-* and Install-* directories for the configurations Debug, Release, RelWithDebInfo, MinSizeRel.

Special compiler options or ccache can be passed with the CC variable.

$ cd ws4d-gsoap
$ CC="ccache gcc" GSOAP_PATH="[absolute path to gSOAP]" scripts/

Clean up the repository copy

$ cd ws4d-gsoap
$ scripts/