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#16 fixed using application namespace table in response messages elmex sebiskaa@…

Reported by sebiskaa@…, 9 years ago.



I'm trying to implement a service that must respond using namespace prefixes associated with my application in order to be discovered corectly by the client.

More exactly, I need the printing service to use "wprt" prefix(from my metadata.xml describing the device) during device advertising in response messages ('get response') for Vista client to see it as printer device. I used 'vsd' prefix for .gsoap file generation using wsdl2h tool and the response messages contain 'vsd1' namepace instead of 'wprt'. I tried modifying the 'schema namespaces' section in the .gsoap file and replaced "vsd1" prefix with "wprt" prefix but this still doesn't work. Also, adding wprt namespace to the typesmap.dat file and generating the gsoap file again does not solve the problem. How can I use the namespace prefixes defined in my application in response messages instead of stack autogenerated prefixes? Also, I noticed that if all prefix instances from .gsoap file are mannualy changed to 'wprt', the device uses 'n1' prefix instead of 'vsd1', but still not 'wprt'.

#17 fixed use -i for interface parameter in console tools everywhere elmex elmex

Reported by elmex, 9 years ago.


-h for the network interface address is misleading, -i is better. Some tools use -i already. Use -i everywhere.

#19 fixed Ubuntu installation broken package names elmex anonymous

Reported by anonymous, 9 years ago.



On the page InstallationUbuntuLinux the line

sudo apt-get install doxygen texlaive-latex-base texlive-fonts recommended texlive-latex-recommended

should be

sudo apt-get install doxygen texlive-latex-base texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-latex-recommended

I think. There is an "a" too much and a dash missing.


PS: The "new ticket here" link on the start page in the lower right box (violet) is broken. Error message: Environment not found. In the link the ws4d-gsoap is missing.

Since the pages are not editable I was not able to fix it.

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