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#10 fixed Add type-matching/scope-matching for probe messages elmex Robert@…

Reported by Robert@…, 9 years ago.


In Rev. 19 of the DPWS-core stack, there is no type- or scope-matching for probe-messages implemented. Could you please add this functionality? All scenarios relying on dynamic discovery are heavily depending on some sort of "filter-functionality".

#11 fixed dpws_find_services with empty type_list elmex steffen

Reported by steffen, 9 years ago.


dpws_find_services should accept NULL as paramter for type_list

#12 worksforme Installation problems with windows elmex jmatt

Reported by jmatt, 9 years ago.


Hi there,

I wanted to build WS4D with CMake on Windows, but it didn't work...


----- Action 1.1 -----
After starting CMAKE build without any modifications, I got the following build errors...

----- Error 1.1 -----
CMake Error at cmake-modules/FindGSOAP.cmake:192 (MESSAGE):
 Could not find gSOAP in: /usr/local;/usr;
Call Stack (most recent call first):
 CMakeLists.txt:80 (FIND_PACKAGE)

----- Error 1.2 -----
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:200 (ADD_SUBDIRECTORY):
 add_subdirectory given source "bin" which is not an existing directory

----- Error 1.3 -----
CMake Error: Error in configuration process, project files may be invalid


----- Action 2.1 -----
After replacing line 79 in CMakeLists.txt (D:\sa\bin\gsoap contains wsdl2h.exe and soapcpp2.exe)
SET(GSOAP_PATH "/usr/local" CACHE PATH "Path where gSOAP is installed")
SET(GSOAP_PATH "D:\\sa\\bin\\gsoap" CACHE PATH "Path where gSOAP is installed")
I got the same errors as mentioned above in step 1.

So.... what to do to compile WS4D-GSOAP???

Thanks for help,

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