Meeting Minutes Telco 12.11.2010


  1. Approve Agenda
  2. Roadmap for this working group
  3. How will we find a technical basis we can agree upon for a streaming specification?
  4. What do we want do discuss and focus on at the TeKoMed workshop
  5. Define further AIs
  6. Next Telco


  • Stephan Poehlsen, UniTransferKlinik Lübeck
  • David Gregorczk, University of Lübeck
  • Winfried Schöch, University of Lübeck
  • Stefan Schlichting, Drägerwerk AG
  • Guido Moritz, University of Rostock
  • Elmar Zeeb, University of Rostock

Roadmap for this working group

  • Agreed on roadmap with a first draft specification until February 2011
  • Reference implementation will be done later
  • Roadmap will be detailed during TeKoMed Workshop

How will we find a technical basis we can agree upon for a streaming specification?

  • Suggestion by Christian Mauro: collect requirements
  • We will also collect scenarios
  • First ideas about streaming specification
    • independent of actual streaming mechanisms
    • describe streams
      • 1:1 vs. 1:n streams
      • stream description may include information to establish a "stream answer" by the client (e.g., video conference with pictures on both sides)
    • establish a stream (technology independent)
      • subscription streams vs. subscription-less streams
      • limited vs. unlimited (or unknown size) streams
    • support alternative streaming technologies with custom stream establish mechanism
    • shut down a stream ?
      • should this be done via WS-Streaming or the actual streaming protocol?
    • a set of streaming mechanisms as attachment to specification
  • Collect scenarios to extract requirements
  • A submitter of a requirement or feature request is responsible for this issue and has to do related work
  • Define technology specialists
    • There are a lot of technologies and standards relevant for the work of the group. It is too complicated to understand all these technologies and standards. So we define technology specialists that mediate knowledge and requirements of existing standards and requirements.

What do we want do discuss and focus on at the Tekomed workshop

  • Maybe no internet connectivity at workshop – make all information available offline
  • Agenda for streaming session:
    • Describe current work done in streaming group (8-10 min)
    • Discuss requirements and extract further requirements from scenarios (40 min)
    • Define technology/standard specialists
    • Refine roadmap (more details) (20 min)

Define further Action Items

  • Elmar: set up requirements page on wiki
  • All: fill in requirements and scenarios for discussion at the workshop
  • Winfried: send attendees list of streaming discussion to Elmar done
  • All: Who wants to be technology specialist?
  • Elmar: check subscription of Winfried in ws-streaming mailing list

Next Telco

Will be defined at the workshop